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Highland Eye Clinic

The Highland Eye Clinic is a local group of trusted ophthalmologists and optometrists providing personalized and experienced eye care for over 20 years.  With a focus on both preventative care and diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders and diseases, our team can meet all of your eye care needs and get you seeing clearly again!

Our Specialties

Highland Eye Clinic providers have been practicing personalized eye care and cutting-edge optical procedures for over 20 years. Driven by giving their patients the gift of better eyesight, our team offers LASIK Surgery, Laser Cataract Surgery, Dysfunctional Lens Replacement (DLR), Light Adjusted Lens (LAL), Filtering and Laser Glaucoma Surgery, Diabetic Eye Exams, Comprehensive Eye Exams, Specialty Contact Lens Fits, Retinal Disease Evaluation and Management and many other advanced services in Shreveport & Bossier City.